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SANKO SHOJI CO., LTD is established in 1952 as an independent wholesaler manages steel material products, mainly tinplate and tinfree steel items.
We own processing and logistic plants in Osaka and Tokyo, and we always evolve to deal with "minimum quantity of various materials", "high quality" and "quick delivery" to satisfy customer demands.

While the domestic steel industry is shrinking, the majority of steel manufacture or wholesaler is facing serious consolidation and financial crisis at present.
In order to survive highly competitive market, we are challenging to establish our own business model and services.
Our company aim is to build mutually beneficial relationship with customers by taking advantage of our supply and logistic network

We consistently commit to keep our compliance and reliable management to contribute society and environment.
To respond our customer's expectations, we will provide business solutions on the basis of global market trend.
We would like to ask your continuing business and support.

Arihiro Takeda
Representative Director & President